About Wiztopic

PR, Corporate and financial communication, investors relations, social media, employee advocacy, Wiztopic offers compelling technologies in an all-in-one easy-to-use application.
Wiztopic is now the standard for financial services and listed companies. It responds to the security, compliance and performance requirements of these players.
The platform is designed to save time, lower budgets and foster collaboration between communication teams.
With Wiztopic, communication teams can manage, distribute and measure the performance of their content.
With Wiztrust, Wiztopic also became the first blockchain content certification platform and protects companies against disinformation.
Wiztopic has today users in more than 20 countries.

The team​

Wiztopic owes its success to creative and innovative minds who shape its technology and make it better day by day. Engineers, designers, sales and marketing people, customer success managers, our strength is also based on the diversity of our people who come from 12 different cultures. Curiosity, enthusiasm and boldness are the qualities we look for in new talent. Whatever their background, our people are the best in their specialty. All is organized to help them grow with a unique sense of excellence and service.

Euronext Corporate Services

Wiztopic’s partnership with Euronext Corporate Services positions Wiztrust as the referent platform for certifying corporate information in Europe and accelerates its adoption in markets where Euronext operates regulated exchanges.

Our values


Our teams work and move ahead together on all projects. As an employee, a client, a partner or a supplier, collaboration is our mantra to face new challenges. Wizmornings enliven internal exchanges and the WizAcademy shares insights with our clients about the transformation of our jobs and the future of our solutions.

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Wiztopic has grown at a fast pace since its creation. The communication sector is in constant disruption, the time of information is in full speed and technology evolves continually. Rush is part of the trip. It pushes us to grow.

Discover job opportunities at Wiztopic.


Do you prefer white or dark chocolate? Everyone has a free access to chocolate at Wiztopic. The magnesium rate of our Wizteam is higher than anywhere else. With the breakfasts offered to welcome newbies, international ping pong tournament sand afternoon snacks to celebrate good news, we manage to compensate the working rush.

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At Wiztopic, we do everything we can to take care of everyone. Customer support forms an integral part of our values: the Customer Success team never misses an opportunity to help our customers gain maximum benefit from Wiztopic. Nothing is left to chance in terms of CSR: recycling, fair trade preference, bicycle mileage allowance. Every time a new customer signs up, Wiztopic plants a tree and forests grow!

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