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In SaaS the second “S” for “Service” is often neglected.
At Wiztopic we believe that software is a complete solution, and supporting our clients with great care is an integrated part of it.

The support starts with the onboarding of the team. Wiztopic is so easy-to-use that it doesn’t require never-ending training sessions. However, our customer success teams are available and ready to answer all our client’s questions, on a daily basis.

Schneider Electric's newsroom powered by Wiztopic.

Your Wiztopic

You’ll be able to customize the platform and create your own Wiztopic. You can adapt it to your graphics and templates, personalize activities and the roles of every team member and specify your KPIs.
You can integrate your content, your contact lists, your data or monitoring feeds, and you will connect your social accounts and other software or distribution channels.

Wiztopic Club

Every month, Wiztopic invites its clients to participate in its user’s club. It is the opportunity to review the new features of the platform, to meet experts and to exchange views between peers. It is a way to meet colleagues exposed to the same challenges.

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Wiztopic plants a forest

At Wiztopic, we consider that content strategy is like a tree, with a trunk, branches and roots with all their ramifications. Some are everlasting, bigger and greener than others. They all need resources to grow up and survive in storms. They all need light to bloom and produce oxygen. That’s why, every time that a new client subscribes to our service, Wiztopic plants a tree. The forest is growing and we’re glad and proud about it.

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