How about getting more out of your communication budget? simplifying your day-to-day work? boosting the impact of your communication? regaining control of your reputation? complying with GDPR in one click?  placing data at the core of your PR strategy? 

Empowering the financial industry
and listed companie's
communication teams

Find out how to better manage, certify, distribute and assess
the performance of your information with Wiztopic,
the solution for Communication Departments.
PR teams from listed companies and financial services choose Wiztopic to make the best of their content, improve their performance and prevent fake news.

A platform created by and for communication professionals


Organise your resources, build your media library, improve your content and speakers’ SEO, optimise your contact databases.

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With Wiztrust, secure information in the blockchain, protect your company and its directors from disinformation and adopt the “trust mark” of the market leaders.

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Create newsrooms, plan content distribution campaigns targeting all of your external and internal audiences via all channels (e-mail, social media) and organise your activities and events.

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Optimise your press reviews, assess the performance of your communication, automate and visualise your reporting, improve your results by exploiting all the depth of your data.

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Wiztopic integrates into your ecosystem

Wiztopic connects all of your tools to a simple and single interface, without disrupting your working environment: Media and digital monitoring, data feeds, social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc.), internal tools (Yammer, Workplace, etc.) and employee advocacy solutions (Elevate, Sociabble, etc.)

They say it better than we do

They  have chosen Wiztopic to achieve a common objective: exploit the potential of their content and improving their results

Anthime Caprioli

Wiztopic adds value to all communication function levels, allows us to manage data intelligently and demonstrate in real time the contribution of the PR strategy of the company.

Anthime Caprioli

Wiztopic became the home page and the daily life of our teams tool to manage, distribute and measure the performance of communication activities of Schneider Electric. We were able to align and simplify the process of RP teams in the world with Wiztopic, a flexible tool that requires little training.

Anne Gindt

By easily connecting to our current tools, Wiztopic allows us to seize the full potential of digital to optimize our processes and boost our communication.

Alexis Bernard

After two years of use by Crédit Agricole’s PR teams, Wiztopic has become their daily home page to manage, disseminate and measure the performance of the communication actions of the Crédit Agricole SA Group and its subsidiaries.

Anne Gindt

Traffic on our press area was multiplied by 2.5 in 6 months and the first results show an increased visibility of the pressroom in the search engines and many key requests arrive in first position on Google.

Alexis Bernard

Wiztopic helps the Crédit Agricole Group’s PR teams to take better advantage of our content by easily distributing it through all channels, web, email and social networks. The platform allows us to optimize our content systematically without having to worry about the technical part. And the impact of Wiztopic on the natural referencing of our newsrooms is significant.

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