Mentions légales

Legal information

Wiztopic is a simplified join stock company with a capital of €1,830,210. It is registered in the RCS of Paris under number 802 249 946. Its head office is situated in 31 Avenue Trudaine, 75009, Paris, France.
Publication Responsible: Jérôme Lascombe – jerome@wiztopic.com
Web hosting company: Ikoula 175/177 Rue d’Aguesseau, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt, France

Data processing responsible

Wiztopic is responsible for personal data processing. Please visit the “contact” section of the site to find our company’s and our DPO’s contact details.

Description of the provided service

Wiztopic is the creator and the editor of a SaaS platform solution that manages, distributes and measures the performance of content designed for communication teams within companies.
The purpose of the site www.wiztopic.com is to provide information concerning the company’s activities.

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