With Wiztopic Insights,
streamline the reporting
and show the impact of your
communication initiatives

Transform media reviews and leverage PR data to improve performance

Create customized press reviews, easily

Each day, the media review is the first opportunity of interaction with the company’s top management. It has to respond to their needs and reflect the performance of your team.Centralise and analyse your monitoring feeds in Wiztopic and free yourself from formats and barriers between traditional, digital and social media. Wiztopic collects your media coverage in a single tool and helps to simply produce your press review in your preferred format.

Combine human intelligence with automated reporting

With Wiztopic, you generate useful data on interactions between your initiatives, your content and your audiences. The platform saves the history of your relationships and produces your activity reports. Make the most of our teams’ expertise to analyse clippings: type, source, treatment of your topics, presence of your speakers, sentiment, benchmark with the competition, etc. Wiztopic enriches your data every day regardless of the volume, languages and expected frequency.

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Exploit the wealth of the data generated by your campaigns

You can produce customised and visualised dashboards. Highlight results et and share them in real time. With our “Insights Media Performance Index”, you can analyse PR performance and showcase its contribution to the corporate strategy. Explore the data to better understand current impact, decide where to invest and plan for future results.

Adopt Wiztopic Insights mobile app

Create a daily communication channel with top management and share all useful resources : press reviews, news alerts, press releases, social media feeds, facts and figures… Insights application is customized and responds to the needs of managers who are constantly on the move : personalized notifications, reading format, off-line mode, topic-based filters. The best way to enhance your work and your performance.