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Wiztopic Insiders

Wiztopic Insiders is Wiztopic’s collaborative platform that helps communication teams orchestrate and synchronize their corporate messages and share referent contents.
From local to global. In partnership with Yammer, Workplace, LinkedIn Elevate, Hootsuite, Sociabble…

Brand content
Internal communication
Content repository
Editorial Platform
A unique platform to drive editorial strategy with key messages, arguments, speakers, and useful validated content in all formats and multilingual versions.
Multiple contributors and centralized updating.
Copyright management
Supply of relevant content for internal collaborative, social and employee advocacy tools
Message and content performance measurement
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Success story
Wiztopic Insiders allows our international teams to access centrally produced content and adapt it to their local needs. This process also allows Allianz marketing teams to capitalize on the most performing content already produced by our local teams and distribute it around the world. Using Wiztopic as our “content repository” led to substantial budget savings.
Anne-Claire Bennevault, Global Marketing Head
How did Allianz Partners created a Content Marketers community at a global level ?
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