Certifying information through the blockchain


With Wiztrust, certify corporate and financial information through the blockchain

Corporate and media organizations are facing a new challenge: how can they keep the public’s trust in corporate news in the face of fake news, social media amplification, market and information acceleration? These challenges are even more acute for publicly traded companies, financial services, and their communication recipients.

Wiztrust is a simple and efficient solution based on blockchain technology that enables companies certify information they distribute. It is not only a technological platform but also a trust label held by the number and quality of its users, both senders and recipients of corporate news.

Wiztrust has been created by Wiztopic, the publisher of the platform solution for communication teams of financial and listed companies. With Wiztopic companies can manage, distribute and measure the performance of their content in a simple, secure and compliant way.

Financial communication




Fake news

Annual results

A unique Backoffice where content can be certified with a single click
An intuitive and simple interface for those who want to verify information
Communication teams certify their financial and corporate content, a press release for example, with Wiztrust
They distribute this information to media, analysts and investors
The Information recipients can then verify through Wiztrust the reliability of the information: The emitter’s authenticity, the integrity of document and its issuing date
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