Creating the Room of the Future with the Connected Room Solution

  • Future-proofing buildings and hotel infrastructure with next generation wireless and IP-based solutions
  • Personalizing experiences with IoT services for higher occupant and guest satisfaction levels
  • Benefits from faster installation and commissioning times

Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, announced the availability of its Connected Room Solution, a connectivity hub for efficiency and personalized occupant experiences. This modular solution is an IoT ecosystem that consists of room control that can extend easily from HVAC to add lighting, blinds, and door locks, modern room sensors, an office occupant mobile application, and a host of new tools for simplified installation and commissioning. Built on an open platform, the Connected Room Solution will work with a variety of current and future protocols, devices, and applications.

Empowering the building owner and hotelier

With the power of the Internet and rapid increase in digitization, the expectation for a seamless, digital experience is increasing among building occupants and hotel guests. Simultaneously, energy consumption concerns are driving efficiency demands and shareholders are anticipating maximum returns on their investments. The Connected Room Solution helps building owners and hotel operators deliver engaging occupant and guest room environments with personalized comfort and increased operational and energy efficiency through numerous benefits including:  

Future-proofing buildings and hotels

  • Easily adapting to requested occupant/tenant layout changes by quickly creating and realigning zones
  • Adding IoT based value-added services like automated fault detection and diagnostics, space analytics, navigation and more, without the need for additional infrastructure
  • Expanding into lighting and blind control using a modular approach that can be added to the installed Connected Room Solution
  • Eliminating the need to add a new network when deploying future sensors and devices with
    room-level access to the IP infrastructure
  • Integrating easily with existing and future building automation and third-party devices

Personalizing occupant and guest experiences

  • Empowering office tenants to create more personalized environments at their convenience using the complementary EcoStruxure Building Engage-Occupant mobile application to adjust room temperature, blinds, and lights
  • Enabling tenants to add additional conveniences and services with the ability to deploy IoT solutions using the building’s infrastructure
  • Delivering a faster, more flexible and secure network experience for building occupants using a platform built on an IP infrastructure
  • Enabling hotel guests to conveniently manage blinds, room scenes, and temperature from their bedside panel, tablet, or smart phone

“Smart buildings and hotels are about more than just operational and energy efficiencies,” said Manish Kumar, Senior Vice President, Digital Buildings, Schneider Electric. “Today, building and hotel owners must achieve those efficiencies while providing a better experience for their tenants, guests, and occupants. We spend most of our lives indoors and as industry leaders we have to offer a better building experience.”

Creating competitve differentation for system integrators

Offered with the latest in wireless technology, the Connected Room Solution enables system integrators to increase their project capacity while remaining cost competitive. Labor and cost-saving benefits include:

  • Installing and commissioning one system instead of multiple, prior to having a network infrastructure in place
  • Increasing safety and time savings using a mobile application for ladder-free commissioning
  • Offering greater value for their customers with the ability to simply add light and blind functionality using a modular approach to the system they already have installed

Additional benefits for both building owners and system integrators delivered through EcoStruxure Building Operation 3.0  

When paired with EcoStruxure Building Operation 3.0, system integrators can decrease the need for uniquely skilled resources and improve installation times using pre-defined standard applications. These will reduce the time spent configuring software, graphics, and documentation. Owners will benefit from exceptional customizable visualization tools that will enable them and their facility management teams to get real time, highly visual building management insight from any place, on any device. 


The Connected Room Solution and EcoStruxure Building Operation 3.0 are available now globally and can be seen at Innovation Summit Barcelona, October 2-3.

EcoStruxure™ is our open, interoperable, IoT-enabled system architecture and platform. EcoStruxure delivers enhanced value around safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity for our customers. EcoStruxure leverages advancements in IoT, mobility, sensing, cloud, analytics, and cybersecurity to deliver Innovation at Every Level. This includes Connected Products, Edge Control, and Apps, Analytics & Services which are supported by Customer Lifecycle Software. EcoStruxure™ has been deployed in almost 500,000 sites with the support of 20,000+ developers, 650,000 service providers and partners, 3,000 utilities and connects over 2 million assets under management.

From energy and sustainability consulting to optimizing the life cycle of your operational systems, we have world-wide services to meet your business needs. As a customer-centric organization, Schneider Electric is your trusted advisor to help increase asset reliability, improve total cost of ownership and drive your enterprise’s digital transformation towards sustainability, efficiency and safety.

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