Raphael Labbé

Raphael Labbé

Co-founder at Wiztopic / 121 / Français, English

Raphaël is the CEO and co-founder of Wiztopic Inc, a SaaS company dedicated to empowering communications teams through a seamless, secure and integrated solution to share, manage and monitor their contents. In a world where corporate fake news pose a growing threat to listed companies and major industry players, Wiztopic's focus is to deliver solutions that help their clients fight back. With a background of +15 years in the digital and media industry, Raphaël has been instrumental in launching Wiztrust, the first block-chained based platform to certify corporate information. Wiztopic's high standards of quality and security, combined with an ongoing attention to providing a great customer experience, has earned them the trust of companies such as L'Oréal, BNP Paribas and Allianz.


He was in charge of the development and innovation for the brands of the group. He has introduced new mobile and tablets applications as well as several reverse publishing products like Styles DAY, Coté Design and l’Express application.

He served as project manager and member of the board of directors of Groupe Roularta. During this period, he dealt with different innovation projects as well as the 6 sites of the group.


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[PR] Wiztrust Incorporates Verification to Fight Fake Corporate News and Stock Swings
  • Blockchain
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Feb 14, 2020
[PR] Wiztrust Incorporates Verification to Fight Fake Corporate News and Stock Swings
  • Corporate news hacking
  • Certified financial Information
Feb 12, 2020
[PR] Les Echos Group Uses Wiztrust to Verifiy Company Information
  • PR
  • Wiztrust
  • Certified document
Feb 12, 2020
[Image] Presentation - Wiztopic - Raphaël Labbé, CEO at Wiztopic
  • Conference
Oct 12, 2019

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